NeoPhotonics expands PIC-based optical components for 100G coherent transport

NeoPhotonics Corporation, a manufacturer of photonic integrated circuit, or PIC, based optoelectronic modules and subsystems, is announcing its products designed for 100G Coherent Transport.

These small form factor products are designed to meet the requirements of the high port density 100G coherent systems and to scale to 200G and 400G applications using higher order modulation schemes.

Photonic Integration plays a lead role in enabling current generation of coherent systems which are transforming the optical communications landscape, says Tim Jenks, chairman and CEO of NeoPhotonics.

The company is utilizing the photonic integration technology to bring the benefits of reduced size, reduced power consumption and higher levels of integration and performance, Jenks added.


NeoPhotonics currently supplies Narrow Linewidth Tunable Lasers (NLW-TL) and Intradyne Coherent Receivers (ICR) for the 100G Coherent Transport systems.

The new product announced is a narrow-linewidth, micro-Integrable Tunable Laser Assembly (micro-ITLA), designed to reduce the footprint by more than a factor of three and to reduce power consumption compared to current generation ITLAs.

Another product Small Form Factor Intradyne Coherent Receiver (SFF-ICR), which is less than half of the size of currently shipping ICRs, which has the option of an integrated VOA on the signal path and a monitor photodiode (MPD) to simplify board level integration. It is ideal for both single incoming channel and multiple incoming channel applications, the company said.

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