Roamware’s CloudSIM aids telecom operators to offer attractive roaming rates

Telecom Lead India:
Roamware’s CloudSIM assists telecom operators and MVNOs to offer attractive roaming rates to international travelers on their home numbers.

Roamware has described CloudSIM as a game changing international subscriber identity ecosystem.

CloudSIM connects a network of hub operators who provide IMSIs (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) for regions around the world with client operators who offer these IMSIs on SIMs to subscribers who want to travel to those regions.

The global traveler count is expected to cross 1 billion.

CloudSIM helps operators retain subscribers, who either switch off their phones while roaming, buy temporary SIM cards, use local Wi-Fi or go for OTT applications.

Ori Sasson, chairman & CEO, Roamware, said: “CloudSIM helps operators retain roaming subscribers, improve revenue and offer a seamless roaming experience on the subscriber home number.”

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