TE Connectivity exhibits high-speed copper and fiber optic products

Telecom Lead Team:
TE Connectivity will exhibit its data communication
products and present four demonstrations highlighting its high-speed copper and
fiber optic capabilities at DesignCon 2012 at California, USA.


addition, TE Principal Engineer, Chad Morgan, will co-present a technical session
examining the performance of constructing premium channels of 25 Gbaud NRZ
signaling, or reusing 10 Gbps channels employing 12.5 Gbaud PAM-4 signaling, to
increase the throughput of high-density backplane links to 25 Gbps.


TE’s four demonstrations will
include the following products:

STRADA Whisper connector: TE will
demonstrate its STRADA Whisper connector’s capability to run 25 Gbps at
distances longer than 1 meter in board-to-board and multiple channels.

24-Gbps connector proposed for SAS and PCIe
standards:  TE will demonstrate its new 24-Gbps connector, designed to
improve data rates over existing SAS and PCIe protocols. The connector, if
designed-in today for 6 Gbps and 12 Gbps data rates, will provide an upgrade
path for future 24Gbps HDD and SSD applications.

25-Gbps zQSFP connector: On the brink of
its launch, this I/O, full-duplex connector will be demonstrated showing copper
links running at speeds of 25-28 Gbps and highlighting its backwards-compatible
feature to standard QSFP connectors for easy system upgrades.

10-Gbps mid-board optical transceiver: TE
will exhibit its capabilities in fiber optics through a demonstration of its
10-Gbps mid-board optical transceiver link via a multimode laminated fiber

on display will include TE’s new KOAXXA RF connector product family in addition
to the following latest interconnects: STRADA Mesa mezzanine connector, FORGE
power connector, CXP pluggable connector/cage assembly, FULLAXS sealed
connector system and ESD circuit protection products for USB 3.0 devices.


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