Telecom operators to up Capex on customer experience management in 2013

Telecom Lead India: Telecom operators will increase Capex on customer experience management (CEM) in 2013, according to a survey by Alcatel-Lucent.

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Two-thirds of respondents are expecting to increase expenditures in this area in 2013.

Three-quarters of respondents indicated that improved CEM provides an opportunity to attract new business.

Two-thirds said CEM could improve their brand image and nearly six-in-ten confident that it will provide competitive differentiation.

There is a strong desire to take measurements more frequently with three-quarters of respondents agreeing that measuring their top five metrics more often would have a significant impact on their ability to deliver a superior customer experience.

The main barrier to implementing CEM is the difficulty in securing cross-organizational cooperation. Almost half of respondents saw poor data quality as the second-to-top barrier, according to a survey conducted by Heavy Reading and sponsored by Alcatel-Lucent.

“Through this study, we want to present the telecoms industry with a wide-ranging view of what service providers around the world are doing in the area of customer experience management. One thing that jumped out to me is how serious service providers are about understanding the experiences that their customers have with various products and services, so that any problems can be corrected and customer loyalty can be improved,” said Greg Owens, senior marketing director, Customer Experience Solutions (CXS) at Alcatel-Lucent.

“Service providers are looking at customer experience management to differentiate in an increasingly crowded and competitive market. They are all approaching CEM from different starting points, however, and typically find it difficult to implement it in a holistic, differentiated way. Our survey results have yielded a rich stream of insights into service provider CEM, particularly around their specific reasons to invest in CEM,” said Caroline Chappell, senior analyst at Heavy Reading.

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